16 Bathroom Light Fixtures That Radiate Style

16 Bathroom Light Fixtures That Radiate Style

If you’re searching for an easy way to give new life into your bathroom, think about swapping out your light fixture. A new light fixture has the power to provide not only the upgrade your bathroom deserves, but a fresh look and feel without a complete and expensive renovation. Seek out a fixture within your toilet’s present aesthetic for a sleek look, or one in a fresh style for eclectic panache. Or select something sudden, like a table lamp normally seen in the living room. In regards to allowing the light shine, make sure your bathroom is illuminated in expert style.

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Have you spotted a light fixture lately which made your heart pound? Perhaps it’s precisely what you need in your bathroom. The Orten’zia Cluster Wall Light from YLighting caught my attention instantly; it emits almost a star-pattern glow and launches this space into an uberchic and modern aesthetic.

Dayna Katlin Interiors

In case you’ve got a modern space, think about searching for a more up-to-date fixture that will enhance your aesthetic. This cascading bubble chandelier offers an interesting visual attachment while also fitting smoothly into the decoration scheme.

The Lawson Design Studio

For a more glamorous strategy, go for a chandelier. Hanging one over every sink provides ample lighting for daily tasks and, being in such close proximity to the mirrors, reflects the elegant feel through the restroom.

Cynthia Mason Interiors

Think about a fixture which maximizes the components around it. These sconces from Nova Lighting, reminiscent of waterfalls, combine perfectly with the foliage background to create a jungle scene.

Castro Design Studio

Bear in mind, you still wish to the appropriate mixture of task and ambient lighting in your bathroom to match all of your needs. Be both practical and fashionable by outfitting your vanity with practical sconces nevertheless playing up an eclectic personality with a exceptional hanging fixture in the center of this space. I love this piece produces light playfully, like a disco ball. A similar design is the Lotus Flower Chandelier from VivaTerra.

If your bathroom is filled with sophisticated, sleek edges which make quiet statements, keep this fresh look with a minimalist light fixture, as seen in this example. Sometimes drawing less attention to a piece provides the largest aesthetic effect.

OJMR Architects

Create a dramatic punch with backlighting rather than typical fixtures. Placed behind the mirror, light can provide an urbane glow.

Witt Construction

Round out rustic appeal using a light fixture of the same rural sense. You can discover similar designs to the one seen in this photo at Barn Light Electric.

Globus Builder

If your bathroom is outfitted with a wide vanity and mirror, pull that sense of width into your toilet’s space using a fixture which involves a bar or track.

Bathrooms which feature a rather simple aesthetic would be an ideal platform for eye-catching light fixtures. Pick one which dazzles so it can shine as the statement. The Olivia Star Pendant from Pottery Barn is an identical design to the one seen in this example.

Melissa Lenox Design

Play opposing shapes too; it helps develop a sense of dimension. A curved sconce with curved designs adds an unexpected juxtaposition into a square sink and mirror.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Challenge the idea of symmetry by placing pendant lights to only one facet of your bathroom mirror. Remember: You will want to do this with accent lighting versus ambient, particularly if you plan on using the mirror to get practical tasks, like shaving. But from an aesthetic standpoint, asymmetrical lighting brings a unique visual element a space.

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By no means should you seek out expensive, fancy fittings for your bathroom. This charming fixture could have readily been scouted at a local vintage shop, and it adds just the eclectic complement to this just styled sink and mirror.

Carson Poetzl, Inc..

Do feel free to violate the rules. It is not normal to see table lamps in the restroom, which is what makes them all the more intriguing as a light accessory.

Urrutia Design

Put a table lamp directly on the vanity for extra light without needing to wire an electric fixture.

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Or put a standing lamp beside your bathtub tfor much-needed mild over your shoulder while you read. Do be careful of splashing water on any electric cords; otherwise, relax and revel in yourself!

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