19 Far and Spectacular Pools Near

19 Far and Spectacular Pools Near

A swimming pool pool is your liquid centerpiece of your home and can turn your garden into a hot tub escape. Whether you would like to lounge poolside, dip your feet before diving in or cannonball your way into the centre with panache, the images below are sure to have you dreaming of chlorinated, saltwater or natural water pools. Let us suspend reality for a few minutes and imagine that we are looking out into the gorgeous waters of the pools beneath.

Dan Forer, Photographer

This pool is your azure jewel of a villa which overlooks neighboring islands in the Caribbean. Although the cabanas draped in yellow cloth and also the lounges look inviting, I’d probably spend all my time at the water looking out into the horizon at sunset. No audio, no reading material, no phones — just water all around.

Da Vida Pools, LLC, Andre Del Re & Lisa North, CBP

Aptly called”The Matador,” this crimson-tile lap pool and its retaining wall completely comparison with the surrounding landscape. The swimming pool adds visual interest beyond its striking colour. From that angle it seems like one step within the ledge would require a person straight into an abyss of branches and trees.

Ike Kligerman Barkley

The undulating curves of these seats are replicated in the arc of the infinity pool, which begs the question: What came first, the pool or the deck chairs?

Lewis Aquatech

This pool comes alive at night with submerged LED lights. The landscape lighting is really amazing as well; the shrub at the background seems ablaze.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

I believe this image to symbolize my sacred trifecta of water in the home: a dipping spa, an infinity pool and a sea right at my hands. Whoever lives here must have the most wonderful tan.

Travertine Warehouse

This image shows the holy trifecta of pools for children: A waterfall, a slide and a diving board provide the young and the young at heart plenty to do on a hot summer afternoon.

Lewis Aquatech

This modern indoor lap pool makes no attempt to replicate character. Instead, it imitates the strong lines and slick features of the house that surrounds it.

Escale layout

Here we are hauled to Kerala, India, in which a smooth border and sand-colored rock fool us into believing that we are at the beach rather than poolside.

Platinum Poolcare

This wintry concrete pool image conveys exactly what it must feel like to be a polar bear in the Arctic. Fortunately, a combination of gas heaters, an automatic safety cover and freeze protection keep the pool and swimmers from freezing.

Sutton Suzuki Architects

There is something very Zen and marginally aquarium-like relating to this pool, with its own glass surround and rock and pebble flooring. Walking from one end to another must feel like having a gentle foot massage.

Powell/Kleinschmidt, Inc..

Contemporary homes and pools do not need to be angular. This spa and pool form a figure eight which echoes the arc of this staircase in the inside, throwing this huge home a few curves.


Here’s another seamless”beach entry” pool. The rock colors of this pool walls match the orange, green and brown landscape; the swimming pool resembles a little oasis, a liquid mirror reflecting the beauty that surrounds it.

Deep River Partners

A trough full of art glass at the bottom of the pool makes the coolest, most first lane mark, do not you think? I’d have no trouble swimming straight in this water.

AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc..

This is definitely an article about dream pools, because I think I see a tree at the middle of the pool with sapphire and pearl tiles.

Carson Poetzl, Inc..

The wide actions and shallow water amount of the pool are perfect for times when you feel like only being partially submerged. The steps, the view and the way in which the arch frames the whole garden and landscape create this pool image one of my favorites.

MCM Layout

Handrails may disrupt the sight lines of infinity pools, but for families and individuals with problems in the waterthey add a safety component which makes them a winner.


A number of waterfalls activated by remote control, a swim-through grotto that leads to a swim-up bar, a kitchen, a flagstone patio with a TV and a sound system, and a dizzying array of custom lighting shows created just for the homeowner make this pool edition of a guy cave.

Even the scuppers and water bowls must surely have a calming effect, but the true winner of the pool is your Italian tile island table, where cocktails and fruit beverages can wait.

Da Vida Pools, LLC, Andre Del Re & Lisa North, CBP

This wavy pool takes its cues in the agrarian structure of rice terraces and perfectly blends in with all the lush landscape which surrounds it. It’s the perfect location to see the sky turn from blue to shades of orange and purple, ushering at the night.

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