6 Simple Tips On Installing Vinyl Siding

6 Simple Tips On Installing Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is among the easiest to install. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the installation process does not require any skill or knowledge to complete. If you choose to do your own siding installation and you don’t do it right, your vinyl siding will let water enter your home. The result of this is your home becoming a nest for all kinds of pests.

What we have prepared below is a list of tips on how to prevent making common mistakes when it comes to vinyl siding Fort Collins, CO.

Consider A Wide Starting Strip

There are several starter strip options that are available. Most people tend to use a thin starter as it’s more affordable, and they would just want to get the process started – this is a terrible move. We suggest you purchase a 3-1/2″ starter strip.

Carefully Level It Out

If you want to properly install siding repair Fort Collins, CO, it has to be leveled. If it’s leveled out, it won’t just function better but it will also go on easily. Throughout the installation process, take your time to level everything out – preferably once in every 5 courses.

Leave Space At Every End

The vinyl siding needs space in order for it to move slightly after installation. For this reason, it’s important that you cut the end pieces. You should have extra space of about ¼” on both ends. During the summer season, this will help in the material’s expansion. It will also ensure that your siding is kept from buckling and won’t give you nasty problems down the road.

Use A Blade Made Specifically For Vinyl Siding

Do NOT try to use a standard saw blade (fine-toothed) to cut a vinyl section. What you should do instead is to rely on specialty blades made for vinyl. These blades will ensure that any cut is smooth. If you use a vinyl blade, you will cut down your chances of having siding materials that are chipping. The entire installation will go more effectively and smoothly if you follow this tip.

Loosely Lock Sliding Down

It’s important that you do NOT tightly lock down the siding against your walls. Instead, leave a tiny gap so it will be able to move as it contracts and expands.

Lift and Nail

The last thing that you would want is your home’s siding coming apart just after the installation. This is why you have to slightly pull every piece up as you nail it. Doing so will help you securely lock all of the pieces together. It will also create a sturdier bond for the many sections of your siding contractors Fort Collins, CO.

Keep all the tips we gave you in mind before and during the siding installation. This way, you will surely improve the end results, significantly decrease the amount of time you dedicate to the process and improve the finished product’s overall look! The tips we gave you are simple, but they are important.