Decorating Child Rooms With Chalk Board Paint

Decorating Child Rooms With Chalk Board Paint

What would produce a child more happy than having a wall inside their chamber to attract on? (Without engaging in problems!) Paint a do or, a whole wall, or only hang a chalk board and allow the imagination begin

Here are some suggestions for picture with chalk board paint:

1) First paint the place using a layer of dark tinted primer.

2) Next paint on a layer of chalk board paint. Along with the paint does not have have to not be white! There are lots of great coloured chalkboard paints now on the marketplace…pink, green, yellow, blue…shades to co Ordinate with any decor

3) After the paint dries cover the whole surface with chalk, utilizing a substantial stick switched on its side. Rub on the chalk to the top after which wipe it off. Why do this? This method seals the chalk board, letting whatever is created and drawn on the area to be totally eliminated, making no marks, so the fun can begin all over

From Residence to House

This lad is having having a great time drawing on his partitions! The seat is an enjoyable pop of colour alongside the chalk board.

These big chalkboard doors seem amazing against the background that is geometric.

Crimson, the floorings built-in chalk board and wall include as much as lively play in this room!

Cary Bernstein Architect

This nicely employed big wall adds this bedroom and interesting character.

CWB Architects

The chalk board wall that is black is a daring statement in this play room that is contemporary.

Jennifer Gray Insides Design & Colour Specialist

This is to constantly understanding where the eraser is the ideal alternative!

Rosenberry Rooms

Make a framed chalk board in the event you do not need to devote to picture the walls. What child does not want a forum for reminders?

Charm and Whimsy

Chalkboards are this one operates using the amazing colours of the chamber and an excellent add-on to playrooms.

Still not confident to paint the partitions? This Ikea chalk board is an easy solution to provide one into a child’s chamber.

Here the chalk board wall, just showcasing the marks, becomes an attribute that is wonderful wall with feel.