Guest Groups: Backyard Decorating

Guest Groups: Backyard Decorating

I’ve been working diligently the past couple of months on creating a much more usable and gorgeous backyard. Living in the hills allows me a fairly brilliant setting, but that I definitely need a couple of things to let me appreciate it to its potential. With the longer days and the warm nights, my own backyard can be used as an additional living room and I would like it to function as beautifully as possible. — Shannon from Shannon Berrey Design


Firepit By Plodes – $1,190

My children love putting around a campfire and roasting marshmallows for s’mores. This firepit is functional, but it is so magnificent, it would grow to be an architectural part in the backyard too.


First Tree Swing – $68

Remember swinging from the trees as a kid? Such memories! I know the neighborhood children would love it if I hung this by the huge elm tree right in my creek’s edge.


Whimsical Birdhouse By Cedar Chair Co. – $29

If you don’t have a green thumb, a great way to add a punch of color to your lawn is with this candy birdhouse with its glowing green roof.


Personalized Garden Planter By natureinspiredcrafts – $78

The monogram goes out! I’d plant my herb garden in those fairly planters and sit them right outside my kitchen window.


Concrete And Steel Indoor And Outdoor Coleman Stool By Greta p Parry – $319

If you are lucky enough to have an outside bar area, then pub stools are a requirement. These handmade slick and minimal stools are beautiful, and there are no worries about using them outside because they are steel and concrete.


Rocking Hammock – $219

Lying in a hammock and rocking in a big comfortable rocker are two great ways to unwind in a garden. This awesome rocking hammock provides both at exactly the same moment. I can see a great deal of fighting over this one, so it is a fantastic thing it is big.


Brynn Small Rectangular Lantern – $69.95

Candlelight is a lovely, easy way to throw a gorgeous glow on blooming backyards. I’d really like to scatter a half of those candleholders with big chunky candles.


Zinc Rectangular Rail Hook – $12.95

My porch gets a large amount of sunlight in the spring, but it becomes shady in summer time when all of the trees are filled with leaves. This planter is ideal for moving around the rail of my porch when the sun changes with the seasons. And there is no hardware, therefore there are no holes left.


Orange Birdstake – $11.95

Stick a bird in it! Whimsical art bets are such a fun way to add a bit artistic flair to your flowerbeds. I’d use these to aid in my climbing my tomato plants.

The balcony gardener

Eco Watering Can Bottle Adaptor – GBP 13.95

For people who don’t have the room to store big, bulky watering cans, these modest screw-on pour spouts are a wonderful choice. They turn whatever reasonably glass bottles you’ve got into watering bottles.

Dash & Albert Rug Company

Trimaran Stripe Sprout And Ivory Indoor And Outdoor Rug – $38

You haveta enjoy a rug which does not mind getting hosed. Adding a rug to your porch brings an instantaneous coziness, not to mention it feels great on bare feet. I love these so much that I use them indoors too. And, if it’s cluttered, you can throw bleach on it, peel off it and, voila, it is new again!

Cox & Cox

Metal Heart Bird Feeder – GBP 12.50

A sure fire way to increase the number of feathered friends in your lawn is to provide them a fairly perch and a lovely meal.

Cox & Cox

LED Solar Outdoor Tree Lights – GBP 40

There’s nothing prettier than white lights tucked in dark green trees. These LED solar lights are totally hassle-free: They come on at dusk and stay lit for eight hours.


Custom Made Window Flower Box And Corbels By perfectpergola – $40

Among the first things I do each spring is plant my window boxes. How I’d love to toss my vinyl ones and replace them with those gorgeous custom-made boxes. The weighty corbels include the perfect country cottage charm.


Rusty End Pembroke Corgi Metal Garden Art By Mountain Iron – $34.99

My metal conductive corgi is perched right between the black-eyed susans in our lawn. He does not step on the flowers and does not leave his business in the pansies. He is kind of the ideal pet.


Copper Plant Stakes The Featherweights By Dillybags – $19.50

I’m bad about remembering where I’ve planted what from year to year. This pretty little set of stained plant bets would solve that issue beautifully. They’re hand-stamped with the flower or herb name of your choice.


GardenGlo Solar Lighted Planters – $104.99

It’s a light, it is a planter, it is a cooler! No matter how you choose to use these in your porch, you will have the coolest conversation starter!

Extraordinary Coastal Living

Charleston South Carolina Vintage Porch Swings

I’d really like to grab a book, a blanket and listen to the creek while relaxing on this rustic bed swing.

Restoration Hardware

Teak Metal Basket Dining Tables – $1,595

This teak table will provide some fantastic outdoor dinners. A round table allows everyone to be contained and this one is just the right size for intimate meals.

Restoration Hardware

Belgian Slope Arm Outdoor Armchair – $725

Outdoor dinners finally have the same luxury seating as the inside when done in such lovely ultra-comfortable deep seats. They’re customizable in 54 exterior fabric options and I am fairly certain they would persuade my family to want to eat every meal outside.

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