How to Replace the Floating Plug in a Dishwasher

How to Replace the Floating Plug in a Dishwasher

If you discover water pooling on the ground around the base of your dishwasher, odds are there is a issue with your inlet valve and your floating plug has neglected. The floating plug, also referred to as the float switch, inside the dishwasher is a safety device which ensures that the dishwasher will not overfill when the inlet valve fails. When the inlet valve fails and allows too much water to fill out the washtub, it leads to the plug to harden, sending an immediate signal to the dishwasher to shut off the water supply to the appliance.

Disconnect the power to your dishwasher by either unplugging the microwave’s electricity cord beneath the sink or turning off the breaker in your house’s main service panel.

Remove the screws holding the toe kick panel to the bottom front of the dishwasher. Pull the panel away from the base of the dishwasher. Ensure your power is disconnected by holding a noncontact voltage detector beside the electric connection box in the front of the dishwasher. If the power isn’t off, the detector will flash and beep.

Open your dishwasher door and slide the lower dish rack from the washtub. Look for your own floating plug at the right or left front of the dishwasher. The plug will readily move up and down with your hands.

Reach beneath the tub of the dishwasher to locate the retaining nut holding the floating plug from the dishwasher. It might be linked to a switch beneath the washtub, or it may rest on the cover of the switch. Unscrew the nut with your hands and pull the float from the ground of the washtub.

Put in the floating plug gasket on the stem of this replacement floating plug. Insert the stem into the opening at the washtub floor. If your stem attached to the switch, make sure you insert it through the switch. Screw the retaining nut on the stem to hold it at the base of the washtub.

Place the toe kick panel contrary to the base of your dishwasher. Secure the panel with the screws you removed earlier. Reconnect the power to the dishwasher.

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