How to Use a Pressure Washer

How to Use a Pressure Washer

cleaning services Los Angeles is a good way to clean your decks, car, concrete floors and siding easily and faster. If you are cleaning outdoors, electric or gas pressure washers can clean virtually anything, and they are fun to use.

But, how do you use them efficiently and safely?

You can either buy your own pressure washer or rent one. Whether you are using a gas or electric pressure washer, they all pressurize water from the garden hose to no less than 1,000 lbs. and then push the water out from the spray wand. The higher the pressure in pounds per square inch (psi), the more efficient the pressure washer will be in tackling difficult jobs. For the average homeowner, a pressure washer with a rating between 1,300 and 2,400 psi will do.


There are some precautionary measures you must take seriously during house cleaning Los Angeles to ensure that a safe and quality cleaning job is done.

-Never point the washer at pets or people.
-Never cover the nozzle with your hands. The pressurized stream of water can cause cuts or penetrate your skin.
-Always have safety glasses on.
-Never use pressure washers when you are on a ladder. The recoil can make you lose balance
-There should be a 6-foot distance in case you are working in an area where there are electrical masts or power lines.
-Always stop the pressure cleaner before you uncouple the hose.
-When you are not using the machine, make sure the safety lock on the trigger is engaged.

Starting the Gas Washer

To use the washer, you must remove any debris from its inlet filter before connecting accessories to it. Run some water through it for a minute to force out air and get the system ready for use. Squeeze the trigger to get the water pressure ready and then start the engine.
Each pressure cleaner has specific gallon-per-minute ratings. Make sure your water supply can meet these ratings for the pressure cleaner before you start using it.

Cleaning Siding

Before painting the siding, you need to wash it. The nozzle of your washer should be around 4 feet from the siding when you start, and then gradually move closer until you get the effect you desire. Make sure the water stream is hitting the siding at 45 degrees.

Never use a pressure cleaner on the windows. The intense pressure is high enough to break the windows.

Cleaning Cars

When doing maid service Los Angeles on your car, you will need a detergent and accessory brushes. Rinse the section you intend to clean with cold, clean water. Use a detergent to brush through and then rinse off again.

Before you buy or lease a pressure washer for car wash purposes, find out the kind of detergents that are recommended. To protect the interior of your car, make sure you don’t run bleach inside the pressure washer. Apart from that, only use detergents that are specially designed for use in pressure washers.

To get the best results, use plain water to loosen the dirt first. This should be done under high pressure. Switch to a wide nozzle setting to apply detergent. Allow it to sit for a few minutes. Make sure the area under focus is kept wet so that it does not discolor. Reset the nozzle to medium and then rinse using plain water.

To change detergents, you must first drain the one you were using from the washer, completely rinse off the system using plain water, and then you can introduce a new detergent into the washer.