How to wash Glass Shower Doors in a Natural Stone Shower

How to wash Glass Shower Doors in a Natural Stone Shower

Clouding on glass shower doors is particularly unwelcome when the shower stall is constructed of pure stone, which needs the transparency of clear glass to look its best. To make things worse, the vitamins that cause the clouding can also gather on the stone. Dissolving these deposits is easier than you may think.

Scrub With Baking Soda

The deposits that cause clouding come primarily from calcium salts, which can be found in your water even if you’re on a municipal water system, as well as from the soap you use while brushing. You can take care of the soap and make headway from the mineral deposits using a thick paste made using baking soda and water. Spread it liberally on the doorway, including the frame and handle, and scrub with a nylon shower glove. Treat the stone shower walls using the paste at the same time.

Wash With Vinegar

Supply a one-two punch against cloudiness by rinsing the baking soda off the stone and glass walls using a one-to-one way of vinegar and water. Spray enough vinegar to liquify the glue so it runs off; subsequently leave the vinegar on for 10 minutes. The acetic acid it contains dissolves stubborn mineral deposits. Rinse with water, and the stone and glass ought to be clear as the sky on a cold, sunny day. Squeegee the glass after every usage of the shower to avoid cloudiness in the future.

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