Instant Décor: Beautiful Book Covers

Instant Décor: Beautiful Book Covers

I’m all for autumn cleaning, but if you’ve got a heap of old books you’re ready to dump, continue for a moment. It is no secret that books can twice as décor, but it may be less known that even the”ugly” or”beaten up” ones may be in store for another life. The response: book covers.

I’m not discussing the old-grade school textbook covers produced of grocery bags; these imaginative book covers are created by talented musicians, all are unique, and all amazingly affordable. And when you slap them on an obsolete book, it is going to look like new (and oh-so-charming on your coffee table).

So before you proceed hauling that large bag of books into a secondhand store, peruse these choices . You may find yourself pulling out several rediscovered (and eventually, re-covered) decorating gems.


Paperback Book Cover – Magnolia – Small Mass Market Size – $10

The female floral plot of these paperback book covers by Shanna Vaughn will bring understated romance to your shelves.


You can order several book covers in black and white to improve a chic, compact look similar to this one.

Or order several in diverse shades to get a bright, rainbow texture.


Cloth Book Cover, Jungle Batik and Hand Dyed Fabric, Fits Most Mass Market Paper – $9

This cloth book cover, created from jungle batik and hand-dyed cloth, is the best addition to an area with golds and bold colours that could flourish with a small unexpected vegetation.


White and black Nation Rustic Toile Book Cover – $30

Dying for toile on your area but no idea where to stick it? This beautifully crafted toile book cover onto a side or coffee table will allow you to get your fix. And to get a much lighter price tag than an entire couch.


Fabric Book Cover – $10

Is your area in serious need of vibrant colour? Consider this book cover. This incontrovertible dab of colour will liven any drab interior.


Beautifully covered books look great anywhere, even piled onto the seat of a casual seat.


Or as a stand for your desk lamp.


Custom Made Lion Big Paperback Book Cover on Cotton cloth, Machine Embroidered – $15

Animal prints are always chic décor option, but what about a lion-inspired book cover? This could be a stylish addition to your tablescape.

Jennifer Neal Design Studio

You could even slip in the lion book cover into a screen like this one to get a sudden visual treat.


Prettified Paperbacks Fabric Book Covers-Retro Red Birds Printing, Bright Blue Lini – $10

Kids’ chapter books are always somewhat dingy after several handlings and a couple of wayward food smudges. Make them like new with a playful book cover, like this Red Birds Printing option.


Yellow Stripe Fabric Book Cover with Bookmark – $13

You can never go wrong with stripes, particularly bright yellow ones…

Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc

… it would add only the right topping of additional color on a stack of coffee table books similar to this.


Small Book Cover- Japanese Ladies – $5

All these Japanese prints are too beautiful to ignore. Cover a few books on this and set them along a console or in stacks onto shelving.


Custom made memory book photo album, baby book, cover with your own fabrics – $23.93

These book covers are unique in the fact that the artist uses cloth of sentimental value, including your children’s outgrown clothes, to make these custom covers. She proposes using them for memory books or picture albums, but even covering your child’s favourite book would create a perfect memento.

Sweet William

Set to pick up and admire. Accessories with personal touches make houses a whole lot more purposeful.


Fabric Notebook Cover Fish Screenprint Reusable with Composition Book – $19

This artist understands your standard notebook can be a little bit of a bore. Lucky for us, she created reusable notebook covers to spice them up! You can easily leave out this on your desk without anyone knowing the difference between a chic accessory and your regular planner.


Trade Size Paperback Book Cover Big Bookcover Fabric – Retro – Bright Orange, – $15

Is it a purse? Can it be a book cover? Who cares. It is adorable!

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