Let Us Chic-ify That the Game Room

Let Us Chic-ify That the Game Room

Soccer season has arrived, and we know what this implies: Fans everywhere are perfecting their media or living rooms, creating the greatest pad to watch the game with friends. But it feels like such places have taken on a rather stereotypical decorative position: dark rooms in dark basements with dark upholstery. Why can’t we watch the games in spaces with a bit more style? Nevertheless, I’ve organized a few photos to inspire people to rethink the home game space, and how we could do this. To put it differently, let us chic-ify football Saturday, shall we?

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Ziger/Snead Architects

This chamber not only affords plenty of seating, but it is bright and cheery whilst representing a modern colour scheme. Not that there’s anything wrong with sectionals or recliners, but I rather enjoy the fact that neither are in sight in this sophisticated space.

CG&S Design-Build

It’s so common to flip cellar rooms into the media space, but often there’s more space on the home floor. Why is this space chic? The gorgeous hardwood floors reflect light flowing in from the outside while the dark leather furniture accounts the pops of colour with a masculine edge. Why is it ideal for a football party? Like I said: space, space, space!

La Scala

Most of us know football parties get crowded. People are spread all over sofas, they are scouting snacks, they are running around and pretending they are IN the match. Here is my point: Instead of squishing all the furniture together, try to out it to make walking room. It will prevent your party from feeling bloated.

Jim Tetro

Alright, for your die-hards on the market, you might want to brace yourself. I am going to drop a cold, hard truth. We are all just not that into the game (do not hate!) . If you haven’t already banished me, then I will explain why I am bringing up this, and making this room equally chic and perfect for football: By creating several different practical seating places, the fans will get right up close and personal to the TV while those people who utilize these kinds of events as societal hour may collect elsewhere and talk about the Kardashians.

Kitchens & Baths, Linda Burkhardt

You know those very cold November games? Where everybody in the stands look like frozen-parka popsicles? I imagine you would feel pretty great about watching those same games in a cozy, spacious living area with a luminous flame to keep you warm. Just another advantage to the posh game room.

Space is ideal, but not always available. No biggie. Limit the guest list and use a den because your game space. The comparison of blonde hardwood floors with dark walls and furniture is modern chic, while the zebra hide rug adds a textured accent.

MN Builders

Do not forget the attic! These spaces aren’t any longer for storageby incorporating skylights and brightening it with white paint, this chamber becomes equally cozy and sophisticated. By outfitting it with a sink and mini fridge, it will become ideal for match time.

Pampa Tiles USA

Do not worry, not all expect for cellar media rooms is lost. But here’s the key: bright colors! The simple inclusion of a turquoise couch, draperies and rug provides this largely brown space a fresh new vibe. And who would not want to watch the match on a couple of chaise lounges? Having a cosmo?

Dan Phipps Architects

Or, jazz up your cellar strategy by thinking outside the box when it comes to seating. Couches are great, but the market is full of much more sophisticated choices. This double leather chaise has to be as comfy as it is chic.

Ed Ritger Photography

The game is played in the great outside, so why not invite the great outdoors into your home? Opt for a room near large windows or sliding glass doors and enjoy the identical refreshing breeze because the players themselves. Besides, natural lighting makes everything more chic.

HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

Or, better yet, move the whole media room out! If you’ve got a covered patio that may do the task, there’s no better place to catch the match. Plus, the outdoor fabric market has truly enhanced its range of stylish, durable fabrics which will make your patio as tasteful as it is sports-filled.

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