Living Spaces Wow at Decorator Showcase

Living Spaces Wow at Decorator Showcase

Having a moss-covered fireplace, plywood painted backsplash, abalone shell chandelier and much more, the show house of the 2012 San Francisco Decorator Showcase brought out all the stops.

Designers reconfigured the rooms in a stately 19th-century home, in San Francisco’s well-to-do Pacific Heights neighborhood, in more contemporary layouts and outfitted them with stunning lighting fixtures, hand-painted particulars and lustworthy accessories. Luxe details, for example leather-lined drawer pulls, a wealthy mohair rug along with an outdoor chandelier, showed up anywhere.

Join us to get a peek at a few of our favourite living spaces and design ideas.

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Modern Pantry/Tearoom
From Tinsley Hutson Wiley and Allison Bloom

These designers created a gorgeous Union Jack backsplash (right) from painted and finished plywood. The elements of this cabinet, from the backsplash to the shelving to the burlap curtains to the gas counters, are relatively cheap and easy to install.

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From reveal house to your home: If you are a tenant, do not be afraid to make modest changes in your kitchen. Removable background on cupboards, temporary tile backsplashes and a few entertaining accessories can make all the difference in a drab and kitchen.

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Downstairs Kitchen and Lounge
From Green Couch Interior Design

Every grand house requires an indoor-outdoor area, and Green Couch Interior Design made the most of this home’s grand square footage with a combined kitchen and living space that opens up to the outdoor patio. The mild San Francisco weather begs for spaces such as this, and impartial furnishings keep the focus on the exterior view.

Becoming open to the outdoor patio gets the kitchen more entertainment friendly.

From reveal house to your home: When working with a open kitchen and living space, choose furniture that makes sense with every room’s design and color palette.

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City Salon
From Steven Henry and Michael Booth, Bamo

An extra-large living space can be hard to organize — conventional living room setups simply don’t work well in rooms that are long. These designers broke up the area in a salon style, creating multiple conversation regions with French and Italian antique furniture, and with Moroccan rugs behaving as observable dividers.

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From display house for your home: Do not feel limited to the normal living space setup of couch, TV and coffee table. Produce multiple seating areas round fireplaces, tables or a gorgeous view.

Dining Room
From Marysia Rybock, Scavullo Design

While this dining room called to get a grand design, the designer put a contemporary twist on the conventional dining table and seats arrangement.

Multiple purple Lucite tables are informal enough for casual dishes and can be pulled to different parts of the room. A gorgeous lighting fixture by Jonathan Browning made of abalone shells echoes the nature-inspired hues in the tables, seats and moss-covered fireplace.

From reveal house to your home: in case you don’t possess a formal dining room, consider adding one or more small tables to your living space.

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Downstairs Terrace
By Weatherill & Associates

Designer Sean Weatherill honed a dilapidated playground into a contemporary back patio. Lined in warm and durable ipe wood, the deck will wear beautifully. Sleek outdoor furniture out of Henry Hall provides the sole neccesary decor.

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From reveal house to your home: Materials are crucial when designing an outdoor living area. Ipe, a Brazilian timber, is often chosen because of its durability, sustainability and natural resistance to rust.

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Roof Terrace
From Frank Holbrook Design

This elegant exterior pagoda off the master bedroom is the perfect outdoor room. Striped outdoor fabric from Perennials offers frames and shelter the magnificent view of the San Francisco Bay. Designer Frank Holbrook took the design on the top with a classic chandelier, plants and accessories in a conventional European estate style.

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From reveal house to your home: Outdoor pillows, lighting and other accessories can transform an average patio into a serene and comfortable extension of your property.

Entry Garden and Portico
From Davis Dalbock, Living Green

The entry previously felt missing and needed a modern update. Succulents and oxtails were the ideal addition with this south-facing wall.

From reveal house to your home: Succulents have a sleek, contemporary appearance that is subtle enough to work into any landscape. They are also easy to plant and preserve, and work well in many ponds.

Event information:
The 2012 San Francisco Decorator Showcase runs from April 28 to May 28, 2012.

Location: 2020 Jackson St., San Francisco
Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday: 10 Gamble–3 p.m.; Thursday, Friday: 10 a.m.–7 p.m.; Sunday and Memorial Day: 11 a.m.–4 p.m.
Cost: $30 at the door (no advance tickets)

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