Modern Images: The Fantastic Nelson Seat

Modern Images: The Fantastic Nelson Seat

The Nelson Bench is one flexible and hardworking piece of furniture. We have talked about George Nelson here before (see links at the end of the ideabook). He was a master at making mid century modern furnishings, to clocks; marshmallow sofas to seats from lights. Now we’ll have a look now at Houzz designers are employing his stage seat.

Carl Wooley

Nelson thought in the union of function and form, and of utility and elegance. This platform that is durable is powerful enough to function as additional seats and seat functions as a dining table. Here the great thing about the wood warms up the space that is largely white.

In Case you click on this particular picture, I Have labeled a few of another iconic items that punctuate this light and airy open-floor plan.

Webber + Studio, Architects

Are not the touches of green united with white, the wood and windows simply sublime here? The seat is an excellent element of the ensemble that is modern, and that I wonder if the esthetic of the stairs inspired across from it.

Webber + Studio, Architects

By setting a seat in this hall, it is transformed into a -esque gallery. The foundation consists of wood. The seat can also be accessible with more slim alloy legs, but of the 2, this edition is the image that is current.

SBaird Style

Here the seat functions as a smart perch for art. This designer has prepared out light, art and the furniture perfectly. This picture reveals the entrance in this loft.

Flüff Layouts & Decor

The seat also can function as a foundation for sculpture or an oversize vase. Its straightforward lines tend not to steal focus from your art.

Flüff Layouts & Decor

Colvin Style

Here the seat is a great option to get a coffee-table. It seems fantastic having a Uterus Chair.

Here is the seat in a Eichler home. I observed yesterday that Houzz member baffler had a fantastic photostream that contains several houses that were modern. Here are mo Re of his Eichler pictures.

Here a place straddles only this side of inside. They are able to pull the seat outside for additional chairs, in case these folks were having a celebration.

Seem familiar? When talking about a few of one other modern images in the space, I have undoubtedly used this picture. You will spy a Nelson seat, in the event you seem down the hall on the left.

Chelsea Atelier Architect, PC

To see mo-Re George Nelson furnishings doing his thing, take a look at Modern Images: George Nelson Clocks and Modern Images: Nelson Pendant Lights.