No Guilt! 7 Deadly Sins at Décor

No Guilt! 7 Deadly Sins at Décor

The Seven Deadly Sins. You will know them from Sunday School, or perhaps from that film in which Gwyneth’s head winds up in a FedEx box. While these”funds vices” may bring on the guilt in the rest of your life, you ought to don’t hesitate to embrace them, guilt-free, around your residence.

Before we begin, can you name the seven mortal sins? I needed to find a little help on the internet, but today I can show you the way the sins of Gluttony, Wrath, Pride, Sloth, Lust, Envy and Greed can make your house’s décor more interesting. And though it won’t be required if you dedicate those decorating”sins,” I’ll even throw in a small salvation.

Gluttony: This is only one of the most refreshing examples of picture styling we’ve got on Houzz. Not to put down the nice bowl of apples or lemons we often find in a kitchen shot, but evidence of a late-night, gin-infused Kit Kat/Krispy Kreme binge is a lot more interesting (and let’s face it, relatable).

BRY design

Wrath: While those sofas may be the color of ire, the enjoyable folk-art painting treatment on the rifle makes them a whole lot less intimidating.

Pride: Around the home, there is no need to be timid. Show off those awards. Since vintage trophies are popular fad whether they’re from your school days or a thrift store, you could be displaying a modest false pride. It’s O.K.!

Photographer, dan Forer

Sloth: Your home needs to have a restful spot at which you are able to escape from anxiety and recharge your batteries. If you’re fortunate enough to have space to hang a hammock, it can cause you to feel like you’re on holiday, at least to the length of a power nap.

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

Lust: Luxe upholstery, faux-fur throws and rich textures like cowhide and shag are components that make a bedroom hot.

Land & Water Design

Envy: (Caution, bad pun ahead!) Your golf friends will be green with envy over your yard putting green, and your partner will be happy you haven’t made him or her a golf widow.

Jay Hargrave Architecture

Greed: Anything you accumulate, be it wine, ceramics or PEZ dispensers, what better space for organizing and displaying exactly what you’ve amassed than in your home?

Monica Ewing

Redemption: like I said before, no salvation for sins round the home is demanded.

But if you feel like you may need some after a greed/gluttony double whammy (sinking into too much of the wine collection), you can reverse the terrible karma by turning the corks in an ecofriendly bath mat.

Not that industrious? Drop them off in a ReCORK set location so they can be repurposed as shoe soles.

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