Organize a Kids' Closet Lickety-Split

Organize a Kids' Closet Lickety-Split

Organizing children’s closets can be challenging, to say the least — getting the maximum out of the available room is crucial because their rooms tend to be smaller, but kids have a lot of stuff. Many families decide to store not only clothes but toys, sports equipment, memorabilia and even stand-alone dressers in their own children’s closets. Whether your closets are big or small, see how maximizing your space using these simple ideas will get your children’s rooms and their closets more organized — and also make your life a bit easier.

Amoroso Design

If your home is like mine and lacks a playroom, consider adding shelving to your children’s closets to store toys. Large baskets can contain smaller things and may be moved from room to room when playtime starts.

If your plan is to add an organizing system to your children’s closets, make sure to include adjustable clothing rods. Narrow distance between rods makes sense to get a infant’s wardrobe but won’t function for an older child’s clothes.

ORG Home

The large metal baskets at the closet shown here are ideal for storing sports equipment. There’s always the choice to utilize them as a clothes hamper also — the ideal solution for smelly gym socks.

California Closets HQ

If your cabinets are heavy, why don’t you add clothes bars around the whole perimeter? It’s an unconventional arrangement but a great way to get the maximum out of this space.

Philpotts Interiors

Add a little fun to the closet by installing a whiteboard or chalkboard for creative expression. Write quotes or let them create masterpieces for everybody to enjoy.

Jeff Company & King

Installing a child-size Dutch door to the closet or toy room will encourage hours of play.

If you would like to keep particular keepsakes out of reach but still on display, think about removing the doors from the closet and setting the things up on shelves.

Consider putting a chest of drawers inside the closet. This is a good storage solution if your kid does not have much demand for hanging storage and also you don’t have the budget for a custom closet system. You are going to have the drawer storage you need and more room in your child’s room to play.

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