Overlooked Design Opportunity: Stair Risers

Overlooked Design Opportunity: Stair Risers

If you are feeling like your stairs is ho-hum and you are not sure what to do, you may want to end that endless hunt for a runner. From Spanish Revival tiles to amounts; out of attaching layers of linoleum floor to a really adorable vermin, these stairs details make an impression.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

A security reminder becomes a magical detail on this single step.

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Elaborately risers are a trademark of Spanish Revival style. The potential pattern combinations are infinite.

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Bockman + Forbes Design

If you are handy with stencils, numerals paired with a rope handrail add a nautical touch.

Not so easy with stencils? Insert your kind of home numbers, available on the internet.

This stairs lacks risers, so that they adorned the treads using a Sharpie instead. For a party, the owners/architects reproduced a quote in the bride’s grandmother onto the steps, planning to complete the staircase later. But they fell in love with the poetic words so much that they decided to keep the staircase unfinished.

Carson Poetzl, Inc..

This text, inserted into risers, is more readable at a glance.

The Locker

If you are not ready to dedicate to your wackier riser-decor thoughts, consider adding wall decals which you could easily peel off in the event you change your mind.

Fine Art & Portraits by Laurel

This smart muralist has created a painted runner on the stairs and risers.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

If this homeowner discovered 100 years worth of linoleum and sailcloth below the kitchen floor, he salvaged sufficient to cover 1 stair with every coating.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

Here’s a glance at what he had been working with until he covered the staircase.

Here Spanish Revival tiles stick into a striped palette, making an eye-catching blend of patterns.

Carson Poetzl, Inc..

Spanish Revival tiles really are striking outdoors .

CNU LEED AP, kenny Craft

Tiles on such risers play the tiles which flank the entry off.

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