The best way to Propagate a Peace Lily

The best way to Propagate a Peace Lily

Peace lilies are a standard houseplant selection through the entire united states for their robustness and tolerance to get various water, land and mild states. Peace lilies will flourish outside in the warm summers of the Bay Area’s, so long as they are brought inside whenever the temperature falls below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It develops a rhizome as your peace lily grows from year to year, or flat stalk growing only beneath the ground surface, which can be split to propagate a plant that is new.

Take away in the ground by lifting the rhizome from the ground using a fork, lightly. It will lie just under the the top layer of the ground directly under the the plant. Shake off and rinse away any surplus land.

Cut on the rhizome in to sections with a sharp knife or sharp pruning shears. Each section of the rhizome should have growing point or one bud onto it. Lose any rhizome pieces that seem dis-eased or withered and just replant chubby pieces with no signals of withering or harm.

Fill one container per section, each comparable in dimensions to the container of the first lily, using a high quality potting soil mixture. Plant each rhizome division just just beneath the ground surface; “Fine Gardening” notes the dormant bud or growing point should hardly reveal through the earth.

Moisten the ground thoroughly and lose any water that leaks out the base of the container. Put the recently rhizomes in a place that is warm with a lot of light, and keep the ground damp but not soggy before roots are established by the lily that is newest.

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