The best way to Put a Nail In To a Brick Wall

The best way to Put a Nail In To a Brick Wall

Interior brick surfaces and exterior offer a low-maintenance and materials that is durable, but hanging ornamental products needs proper installation methods and specific nails. Nails have grooved shafts that cling to the brick masonry that was joint to ensure they loosen or do not slip under the weight of the hanging item. These nails are better to to install than masonry screws and generally leave behind a hole that is smaller. Install these nails to ensure they do not cause permanent injury to an appealing brick area and stay strong.

Mark the area for the nail using a pencil. Select an area in to the real brick as the brick might crack or shatter, maybe not in the masonry joints between the bricks.

Select a masonry drill bit slightly smaller in relation to the diameter of the nail shaft. Drill a hole in the joint using the masonry bit.

Place the masonry nail into the hole that is drilled. Hammer it maintaining the nail through the entire procedure. Use a nail that penetrates 1 1/4 inch into

Pull back to make sure that it is in the masonry and does not wiggle.

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