The way to Arrange Gerbera Daisies

The way to Arrange Gerbera Daisies

With their rainbow of colors from pastel to neon and broad, open faces, Gerbera daisies (Gerbera jamesonii) incorporate a splashy bit of dream to any occasion. These flashy dandies of the daisy world speak most eloquently in simple vases that don’t compete with them for focus. Because their fuzzy, hollow, water-absorbing stems split quickly, Gerberas perform best by themselves in shallow water and also when the immersed, spongy parts of their stems can snipped away daily. Gerberas contribute their happy gaiety to mixed floral arrangements but will not last as long from the water necessitated by their companions.

Gerbera Daisy Vase Arrangement

Stir the discretionary floral preservative into a single gallon of fresh water. Add the mixture to the vase to a depth of 2 to 3 inches, reserving the rest for daily water changes.

Select the first Gerbera daisy and snip or piece the stem end at an angle, removing any spongy portion. Place the flower in the vase, allowing it to lean against the side of the vase.

Choose the second flower, inspect the stem and snip or piece it in an angle. Place it in the vase using its stem crossing the initial stem, making an “X” from the vase, and also with the sloping face contrary to the initial daisy face and in an equal distance from the vase.

Inspect and snip the stem of the third daisy and put it in the vase so that the face is in an equal distance and between the first blooms. Repeat with the next Gerbera daisy, placing it opposite the next daisy. Place the fifth daisy between 2 of these daisies. Repeat with each successive daisy allowing each flower face to reveal in its own area. Place each successive stem so that it converges with another stems in the center stage. Build up since you fill the vase and as the gathering stems make support. Place the previous daisy in the center on top, its stem straight down the center of the vase.

Mixed Floral Arrangement

Fill the vase two-thirds full with clean water. Stir in the discretionary floral preservative.

Start with the greenery, putting the depths of their greens from the vase with the leaf forming a circular “nest” atop the vase.

Snip or piece each stem at an angle before putting it in the vase. Beginning with the tallest flower, center it in the vase one of the leaf, adding more leaf for support if needed. Arrange the Gerbera daisies and other flowers in descending height around the center flower. Place each flower so that its face is displayed to the viewer.

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