Tips on Pest Control

Tips on Pest Control

Let’s face it, no one likes to have any type of pest around their home, whether it be raccoons, cockroaches, rodents, you name it. Luckily, there are tried and tested pest control Glendale strategies that you can use to eliminate these and other pests from your home, and we’ve collected a few of them below for you to try out.


Chase the ants away using a powerful deterrent that’s made by mixing 1 cup of borax with 1 cup of sugar in a quart jar. Once the ingredients have been combined inside the jar, punch a few holes into the lid and start sprinkling its content all around the exterior of your house, especially around the foundation, and also inside around the baseboards. The mixture lures them with the sugar and then kills them with the borax.

To remove cockroaches, just sprinkle some borax in your bathroom and kitchen cabinets, while making sure to avoid areas that are within reach of small children and pets.

Hairspray is great at exterminating flying insects like wasps, hornets, and bees.

For a flea infestation, start by vigorously vacuuming and spraying the rugs, and then immediately throw out the dust bag.

Check the mosquito population growth in your bird bath by changing its water once every 3 days.

Carpenter ants are a sign of water damage on your wood. You should identify and fix the source of the problem so that the ants can be on their way.

If you spot centipedes in your house, then you may have a growing insect problem that needs your attention, because centipedes basically feed on other insects and will only travel to areas that have an abundance of their food source.

Those living in multi-family apartment buildings should keep in mind that individual pest control Glendale AZ will only be a temporary fix, as the pests can easily travel from another flat to occupy your space once again. So, if you have a pest control Glendale CA problem, rather lobby for the whole building to get a pest removal treatment done as soon as possible to get more lasting results.

Rodents and Raccoons

Trap mice more efficiently by placing peanut butter or bacon on the mousetrap trigger. The mice won’t know what hit them.

Mustard oil is a really effective chemical repellant for a raccoon, especially if they’ve taken up residence in a part of your house such as the attic or basement. They really don’t like the smell of mustard oil, so they’ll probably leave immediately after you place it there. To prevent them from coming back to your house, be sure to search the area for the entrance hole, and then cover it up with wire mesh to prevent the raccoon from gaining entry again.

Sweep your house regularly to check for small spaces that rodents could use to come through, and pour poison into any deep crack that you find. As an added measure, stuff some scouring pads or steel wool in there as well, and use a screwdriver to really push it in. Lastly, close any remaining patches with a mixture of spackling compound and steel wool fragments to really seal things up.