14 Design Suggestions for an Exhilarating Outdoor Shower

14 Design Suggestions for an Exhilarating Outdoor Shower

My oldest outdoor shower experiences involved a tiny wooden surround attached to a simple rental cottage on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. In spite of the facts that the soap generally slid under the stall walls to the lawn and there was always the threat of a burglar snatching my towel off as a practical joke, I couldn’t be persuaded to utilize the indoor choice. Rinsing off the blossom and sand underneath the open sky was also exhilarating.

While an outdoor shower setup as simple as a curtain and a showerhead can be very enjoyable, there are plenty of approaches to spruce up an outdoor shower’s aesthetics and comfort. Here are 14 tips for the two.

David Rolston Landscape Architects

1. Split a niche in the wall. A shower market will keep your equipment close at hand. This one has a bit of lively peekaboo going on, since it’s available to the other side of the booth.

Siemasko + Verbridge

2. Help the shower stall and the house via architectural elements blend. A pergola overhead, a paint colour that matches with the home’s trim and a showerhead with a similar finish to that of those outdoor lantern make this exterior shower component of the house.

Sarah Greenman

Rustic corrugated metal fits right in with this artist’s amazing house and art studio’s exteriors.

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Beach Chic Design

3. The shower surround. While the pergola and siding help this stall blend in the house, the large driftwood seahorse adds a whimsical punctuation.

Terra Rubina

4. Blend the shower. This stone wall marries the bathtub’s architecture and the landscape architecture, while woolly pockets create vertical garden walls around it.

Garden design perth

This Australian landscape comprises three gardens that are perpendicular. Layers of succulents emerging from patinated copper troughs look stunning against the translucent outdoor shower surround.

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Crisp Architects

5. Insert a bench. A small bench or stool in an outdoor shower provides a spot for soap and shampoo and a place to rest if a system is burnt out of swimming, surfing or sunbathing.

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GM Construction, Inc..

6. Supply an in-shower spot to get a towel. This may be as simple as a Dollar Shop plastic hook that hangs over the enclosure.Anyone who has ever had to streak indoors after being pranked understands this is a significant detail.

Cape Cod Shower Kits Co..

Martin Bros.. Contracting, Inc..

7. Let there be light. An outdoor rinse in the pitch dark can be creepy. This elegant barn light illuminates the stall for night showers.


8. Think about what’s underfoot. No one wants to stand around from slime or muddy grass in an outdoor shower. Ipe stands up to water from the shower, and also the teak stepping stones provide a simple route back indoors.

tropical-artist. com

9. Cover the pipes in an artistic way. This glass mosaic longboard conceals plumbing and creates a tropical backdrop for showering.

Gib-San Pools Ltd..

10. Or accentuate the pipes as an architectural element. This steel pillar has heft and style.

Bonus outdoor shower trick: Insert a second faucet down for rinsing off sandy feet.

West Chin Architects & Interior Designers

These oversize fixtures are at once slick and nearly cartoonish. (I mean that in a fantastic way — the outdoor spigot is the icing on the cake.) There’s great contrast between the natural texture of the pebbled walls and tiled flooring and also the industrial-size metal spouts.

Pipe Shower: Marcel Wanders

Swaback Partners, pllc

11. Adopt the natural surroundings while you’re au natural. This incredible shower is a rocky hillside in the Arizona desert.

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360 Yardware

This one, nestled among the oaks in California Wine Country, isn’t for shy folks.

Slifer Designs

12. Extend an indoor bathroom outside. Glass doors that lead to an outdoor shower let in the natural light, while the rock wall gives a breathtaking view and solitude.

John K. Anderson Design

13. Create a shower that can be indoors or out. Disappearing doors transform this shower into an open space space. While not suggested for Kate Middleton, Jennifer Aniston or some other stalked by long-lens-toting paparazzi, washing the hair out here must be a unique experience.

Phil Kean Designs

14. Make the exterior shower function for the pets. A handheld exterior faucet can be a great way to offer dogs a bath, depending on how far they endure it until running around and shaking the water off all over you.

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