Show Us Your Garage Conversion

Show Us Your Garage Conversion

When you clear out the ’80s snow gear, the bikes with training wheels and the softball soccer balls, odds are that your garage has got some serious potential. These open spaces can become sterile slates, without the specifics, substances or built-ins that determine the purposes of many different rooms in a home. The possibilities are nearly endless with a garage durable concrete flooring, white walls, a giant doorway and high ceilings.

Have you taken advantage of this often-underused space? Is the garage more than a place for your vehicle? If you have revived your garage, we want to see it. Show us your new distance by uploading a photograph and telling us about it in the Comments section at the end — it could end up in a featured ideabook.

Poor House Interior Design

Schmitt + Company, an architecture firm in Yountville, California, transformed a detached garage into a modern office and conference room for the business. It was a basic three-car concrete block garage now the aluminum garage door opens into a modern conference room with high ceilings and industrial framing.

Has your garage become your workplace? An industrial and open garage can become the perfect answer for those working at home. Whether the garage is detached or attached, having a separate entrance for your home office can help you operate more efficiently and look more professional to visiting customers, too.

Lindsay von Hagel

This Frisco, Texas, family turned their garage into a showroom for their vintage furniture shop. The concrete floors and all-white walls assist the furniture and a swath of fresh wallpaper stand out.

Has your garage turn into your studio or showroom? Have a picture and show us how you have made these white walls and concrete floors work for your craft.

Sarah Greenman

This homeowner flipped into her residence’s three-car garage into a personal training studio in which she hosts personal customers. Bright walls, a few well-placed lovers and racks of colorful gym gear transformed the room into an energetic and inviting area. The same garage door allows for air circulation and natural light; concrete floors make for easy cleanup.

Can you use your garage as a fitness center? How did you organize your space? How do you keep it comfortable, clean and motivating?

Kerrie L. Kelly

Like many garages, this family’s was filled with unused products. Tired of this waste of space, they hired designer Kerrie Kelly to clear everything out, put on new paint and purchase colorful furniture. The end result: a playful, comfortable family room.

Detached and attached garages make for great playrooms. How have you flipped your garage into an area for the family? And if yes, where would you park your cars?

Urban Oasis

After graduating from school, Debbie Gliksman’s daughter was not especially excited about crashing at her childhood home again. Thus Gliksman converted her garage into a comfy studio, filled with furniture and decor found on Craigslist to help decrease cost.

Has your garage become a guest room or studio? Maybe you’ve upgraded it to rent it out to guests? Upload a photo to the Opinions section below and tell us about your distance too.

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