A Periodic Table of Design Elements

A Periodic Table of Design Elements

If you’re anything like me (right-brained and a daydreamer in science), you sat with all the periodic table of elements in chemistry, memorized it and then wondered what on earth you’d ever do with that information. While I am fairly certain I’ve never put it to use, 1 thing that I do know is this: Several of those elements fare very nicely in the home. As soon as it’s safe to say the majority ought to be left in the lab (Arsenic? Bad thought. Ununnilium? What IS that?) , feel free to examine a scientific spin on your interiors with the subsequent stylish elements.

Kerrie L. Kelly

Cu: Can you ever believe copper can be this lavish? This bathroom feels just like a European escape… especially with all the exact Venice-like scenery in the painting!

Four Corners Construction, L.P.

If you really wish to talk aluminum effect, complete your fireplace from floor to ceiling in this wealthy element. Notice the way the designer extended the copper end to the left and right at the bottom halfit offers the fireplace a dimensional texture and immediately generates a enticing focal point.

Studio One-Off Architecture & Design

Sn: I would be a bit cautious to believe you have never gleefully yelled”tin roof, rusted!” Through a late night Love Shack rendition. But, I will understand if you haven’t considered something like it to your own home (minus the rust). Now’s your chance: not only does this tin ceiling provide textural appeal, its reflective surface opens up the distance, which makes it feel larger.

Glenn Robert Lym Architect

Or, try tin onto the walls. Wrapping this bathroom in corrugated sheet steel made from tin gives it a stylish, downtown industrial texture.

Ag: Do not be fooled: Silver has usage outside tableware! Finishing off pieces in silver provides them a lustrous appeal that equates just the right hint of glamour-chic.

Heather Garrett Design

Au: The fantastic thing about gold is its high impact whether overstated or in smaller doses. This distance is superbly done and the minimum, soft light emits a comfortable glow, but it is the golden seats flanking the console that give the space its charisma.

Have a little fun with animal prints by choosing them in unexpected colours, like this glistening gold. This plastic seat never looked so sophisticated.


Al: Aluminum siding is old hat, but what about an aluminum backsplash? This choice in the kitchen is comparable to mirrors since it opens the spacenonetheless, aluminum adds much more textural quality and visual interest.


Have a classic necklace that may use an upgrade? Paint it in aluminum provides it a fresh, distinctive, almost contemporary appeal.

Debra Campbell Design

Fe: Oh, to own this wrought iron mattress! The size of the piece does wonders for a space with ceilings that are shorter, and the detailing gives the bedroom a sense of antiquated, whimsical romance. Although I prefer it without a bedskirt, including one will hide items beneath the mattress if you’re in the demand for extra storage.

Yaniv Schwartz – Photographer

Where was this staircase when I was taking prom photos? The juxtaposition of the wrought iron railing against the modern feel of the interior provides the distance a welcomed hint of eclecticism.

Atypical Type A

Pb: Get pencil lead (yes, I know this one’s a little cheat!) From your desk drawers and on your walls using handwritten notes and tales. They are unique and occasionally intimate, and when framed, they’re the ideal way to add personal mementos around the home. Be sure to maintain the handwritten note before framing so it lasts.


O: ” I can’t imagine a better way to incorporating oxygen in your home than moving your entire living space outdoors! The ceiling provides protection from sunlight and unruly weather, but painting it blue still provides the illusion of sky.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

Cl: If this were my backyard, I would happily bring to a modest chlorinated water. When you’re done in the pool, just jump into the sea for a rinse-off!

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