How to Pick the Best Rug for Your Entryway

How to Pick the Best Rug for Your Entryway

Selecting a rug for your entryway is by no means a trivial choice. After placing endless work into the remainder of your home, don’t allow this first rug on your house look like an afterthought. There are lots of options to make. What shape functions? What size? And don’t forget about design and colour.

As a decorator I invest a great deal of time on carpets. I’m sure all the furniture is set up first then I measure the foyer area to find my rug size. The rug should not just fit the space nicely (the bigger it’s the warmer the space becomes); it ought to clean easily because an entry way is a high traffic area. You don’t want a high-pile rug. And the rug should carry your style, giving people an idea to your home’s personality as soon as they walk in the doorway.

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Express your personality in a big way, show how fun and interesting you are, and make people feel welcome via a daring joyous rug. This one provides a great contrast against black floors and becomes the focal point in semi automatic entry way. There is not any piece of furniture that may add as much of a colorful punch of colour and personality because this rug. Notice the size of this rug is as broad as the door way. This is important since an entry way can have significant traffic flow and you don’t want any one tripping across the sides of a small rug as they pass .

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If you have a more compact entry hallway, then go big together with your rug’s size and pattern. Assess the width of the entry and look for a rug that will take up a majority of the room. You will find you have more options with bigger rugs. Find one that has a large geometric shape that will fool the eye into believing the area is bigger.

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This is a great instance of placing your furniture first, then measuring to your rug. You don’t want to have the rug booting up against furniture or touching another rug in the same area, yet you don’t want the rug to be too small.

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If you discover a gorgeous major rug for your entryway but don’t want to get dirty shoe prints on it, then pull it away from the front and make use of a neutral or naturally woven mat right facing the doorway. Visitors can walk on the mat, take their shoes off, then enjoy your chic rug. And since the smaller one is impartial, it won’t take away from the bigger rug.

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If you have a broad, shallow entryway, specify the space with a rectangular rug wider than your doorway and centre it in front of the doorway. Try a pattern or color which won’t get lost when placed in your floors.

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If you have a long narrow entry, use a runner as broad as your doorway. It seems warmer and more welcoming with a broader, bigger rug. If you are having trouble finding one, look for a remnant that may be cut and bound to the size you need.

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Round rugs add a tasteful touch when centered in an entry way. I enjoy using round carpets with arched doors. Increase the ambiance using a massive round chandelier over.


Round rugs also fit beautifully in a grand double-stair entryway. The gentle corners mimic the curved stairwells. Make sure it is large, and try to connect the colours and patterns together with the stair runners.

A huge rug placed on a tiled floor warms up an entryway.

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If you have a double-front entry door, then get a rug that lies facing both doors. The bigger rug creates a more powerful front entry look. I use a good deal of 4′ x 6′ rugs this way.

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A rug can add yet another layer of charm in a home filled with eclectic beauty. A fringed oriental item works nicely. Ensure you utilize a rubber mat underneath to prevent it from slipping.

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Remember, as soon as someone walks into your home, you can grab their attention via a large, intriguing rug. Just make sure you get one that grabs your attention, and don’t skimp on size.

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