A colonnade is a string of equally spaced columns that create an outdoor room. It could be attached to a building or freestanding, and it can have a roof or not.

Cornerstone Architects

The tapered stone columns on the left supporting the tile roof of this exterior room are in a colonnade.

Francois & Co

Colonnades can be in the facade of a building, freestanding, or, as in this case, within an interior making an atrium.

Modern house architects

A modern colonnade made from steel girders spaced equally apart generates this outdoor terrace.

Francois & Co

Here is a good illustration of an interior colonnade.

Haddonstone Ltd

This is a good example of an ancient-Greek-style colonnade, even though it is a folly. If it had been attached to an entry of a building, it could be called a portico.

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