Split Your Colours

Split Your Colours

Shade is one of the most easy items to compromise in the house. It is hard to choose the ideal paint color on your walls with so many choices out there. If you have narrowed it down to 2 colors, there’s no need to choose — two-toned walls may add dimension to a space and help you compromise on color selection.

Though these walls are often motivated by flat molding, there’s no demand for this architectural detailing to find the look in your house. Any wall, any color and any style may benefit from this technique.

Use two neutrals on your walls to include subtle dimension. Placing the lighter color on the top half visually heightens the ceiling.

Burnham Design

Two neutrals set the scene for a variety of looks. Inside this space designed by Betsy Burnham, anything from bold brights to zebra prints require new light from the two-toned wall.

Laura Bendik Interiors

Dark colors may add drama into a space, but sometimes they’re overpowering on a full wall. Pick a two-toned appearance and also to balance a dark and light color for a sophisticated and refreshing appearance. Notice how the carpet mimics the wall, pulling the design to the area.

Publish a dark shade with glowing white for a sharp look that feels at home in traditional and contemporary rooms. This paint color is actually a deep brown, but if you would like something more bold, go straight for white and black.

Consider painting your wall with various colors in precisely the same color. This bright and cheerful nursery stays sweet and soft when accented with purple.

M Design

Light blue is paired with a darker colour in this boy’s bedroom to get a traditional look that will rise as he does.

If you are enjoying this year’s neon fashion but are somewhat wary of going all out, splitting your wall color at half may be the perfect compromise. Publish a sexy shade, like this glowing pink, with a neutral colour to get a combination that’s balanced but bold.

Dona Rosene Interiors

In this dining area, a bright coral seems ultra sophisticated when paired with beige. Leopard print chairs at a similar colour pull the color scheme to the space.

Shoshana Gosselin

Try playing with opposite sides of the color wheel to get a lively combination that looks great in kids’ rooms — such as in this young green and pink woman’s room.

The Evans Group

Creating separate places is tough in shared rooms, but this designer used two-toned walls to do precisely that. Blue linens on the bottom bunk and green on the top emulate the walls, helping define each sleeping area.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

Remember, two-toned walls don’t need to be just split in half. A small strip of a light color on top of a darker shade will still add visual height to the ceiling and dimension into the room’s decoration.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

If you are designing a house or adding molding yourself, look at installing it on curved windows and corners to get a two-toned wall with a little additional personality.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

Don’t feel like you want to remain between the lines of your molding. The lovely detailing in this room has two strips of molding. The designer transported the green through into the very best strip and then changed the shade to get a somewhat different take.

VOH Architects

You can also get this appearance without molding. This elegant and stylish toilet proves it can be done with stylish panache.

Fluff Interior Design

Striped walls provide a stylish step up from the standard two-toned wall. Keep it simple with one solid stripe in the midst of a contrasting shade for another layer of color.

Two-Tone Cabinet Finishes Dual Kitchen Style

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