How to Construct a Big, Old Farm Wagon for Outdoor at Christmas

How to Construct a Big, Old Farm Wagon for Outdoor at Christmas

A farm on your property does double the decor duty, serving as a yearlong statement bit when left , and becoming a seasonal decoration when the wagon is adorned for the event. For Christmas, cart out the decorations and life-sized Santa for a delightful display visible to passersby and visitors .

Santa’s Sleigh

A farm wagon doubles throughout the Christmas season as Santa’s sleigh. If it doesn’t have a chair of its own sit a Santa atop the bench, decked out in his best suit fit the seat with a bench seat or a park bench. For an outside celebration, enlist a friend to dress as Santa handing out party favors or gifts, or listening to children’s Christmas wishes. A part of the sleigh with boxes wrapped putting a brick or heavy item in every to keep it. Use plastic tablecloths instead of the usual. Toys such as elves or bears fill out the distance on the wagon, or relocate a few garden gnomes as if they’ve taken over the vacation duties.

Bells and Boughs

Drape pine swags around the wagon’s outside , visible from any angle, or use faux pine for a seasonal decoration which might be used year after year. Add straps of bells around the quadrant’s perimeter — the larger the bells, the observable from afar. To get a screen, twist coloured garlands and glue them.

Tree-Style Tower

Display plants on a tiered stand made for a Christmas tree visible from afar out of bricks, cinder blocks or stacked crates. Arrange the bottom of the stand with a square of crates or 16 blocks — four wide, four heavy a square layer of nine and a square of four at the top, atop the wagon’s flatbed. Organize potted poinsettias or evergreen shrubs on each layer for a tree made from little plants. Cover the crates or blocks with a tablecloth or roll of cotton for snow, or paint them green to blend in with the plants. A spruce tree that was potted might be used instead of the screen that was tiny-plant; arrange faux gifts around it, if desired and decorate it with Christmas decorations.

Outdoor Illumination

Wrap the entire body of the wagon completely with red or white outdoor LED light strands for an screen. Run lights over the decoration to underline the shape, if the wagon is still an old style with hoops still undamaged. Decorate the wagon wheels. If extension cords are required, use just outdoor-rated extension cords and plug them into a weather-protected socket. With LED icicle light strands that appear to drip drops of white light, wrap the wagon for another look when they’re lit.

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