How to Install a Kitchen Drawer Liner

How to Install a Kitchen Drawer Liner

Among the largest jobs is currently setting up the kitchen, and odds are you are going to stash most of your cooking utensils that are little . Though drawers supply a storage space, they can still collect grime and dirt, and drawer dividers go a long way toward keeping your cooking items dust-free. Liners are intended to wash clean and wooden towels are protected by them from moisture that can result in mold and mildew. Install them when you move in, and they can serve you well for several years.

If it isn’t already horizontal unroll the drawer lining. Spread it out with the right-side up, in sunlight if possible. If it obviously curls up, down it with paperweights. Leave it spread out like this for many hours or until it stinks.

Remove from their runners if at all possible, and put them on a surface that is level. Rub the insides of the drawers with a cloth dipped in water . If remnants of liners continue sticking to the surfaces, then scrape them off with a putty knife. Allow the drawers to dry.

Quantify the bottoms of the drawers. Check your measurements to ensure they are accurate. With a ruler and a utility knife, cut the liner.

Lay the liner in a drawer. With masking tape, secure 1 corner in place. Peel the first inch of the backing paper back in the opposite corner, so that it’s out of the way, and fold the paper under the liner.

Press the adhesive that is bare onto the drawer top. Smooth it out with a squeegee, running from the back. If the alignment is off and the lining does not fit to the corner, peel it back up and fix it, then squeegee it.

Remove from the corner. Lift the lining that is unattached, and peel back another 8 to 12 inches of the backing. Twist the backing and out of the way, and squeegee the adhesive into position, moving to its edges.

Repeat the peeling-and-sticking procedure till you’ve covered the whole drawer. Whenever the lining changes out of alignment, peel that section up and fix it. Squeegee any trapped air-bubbles to the edges and out from.

The liner to the remaining drawers exactly the same manner. Return the drawers. Fill them with other items as desired or your kitchen utensils.

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