How to Dry Lemon Verbena Leaves

How to Dry Lemon Verbena Leaves

Lemon verbena is a simple herb to grow, either in a sunlit garden during the summer months or in an indoor windowsill in a grass even in sunlight. The leaves give off a deliciously strong orange scent, and can be used fresh or dried in any variety of ways.

Cut lemon verbena stalks having a sharp pair of scissors, leaving at least one-third of the stalk to grow back for subsequent harvests.

Wash the lemon verbena stalks instantly in cool water to loosen dirt. Repeat the process to ensure the leaves are clean.

Arrange the stalks on a paper or terry cloth towel. Gently pat the leaves dry with a second towel to remove excess moisture.

Put the verbena stalks on a cookie sheet and allow them to dry for many days on a counter top or table, out of direct sunlight. Turn occasionally to make sure that no moisture is hiding beneath the leaves, as this could cause molding.

Strip the leaves off the verbena stalks when they are fully dried. Catch the top of the stalk and slip down your fingers, pushing off the leaves and into a waiting bowl.

Store the dried lemon verbena leaves in an airtight container from the light for optimum freshness. Use the leaves for tea, in culinary recipes or soap making.

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