The best way to Hang Huge Wreath on a Stone Wall

The best way to Hang Huge Wreath on a Stone Wall

Stone partitions include a rustic look to the area of a residence, offer heat and texture in a residence or simply take the form of a strong fence outside. Hanging a wreath on a stonewall isn’t a hard process but one that needs materials and certain resources. The greatest spot to drill in a stonewall is in the mortar. If minimum or no mortar can be viewed drilling to the stone area is feasible. A wedge anchor, completely connected in the stonewall, offers the most keeping strength.

Put on the safety eyeglasses. To install sleeve or wedge anchors place the materials you want to anchor.

Drill a hole using the 1/2 inch carbide bit in the specified location that’s 1/4 inch-longer than the wedge anchor.

Insert the 1/2 inch wedge anchor to the hole before the leading edge of the anchor is flush with all the stone area.

Tighten the hex bolt three to five full turns using a torque wrench. This spreads the wedge anchor from the side of the hole that is drilled.

Around 1/4 inch. is anchored by loosen the bolt in the wedge Hang the large wreath in the bolt extension.

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