The best way to Pull Up an Old Hardwood Floor

The best way to Pull Up an Old Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors add value to your home for their long lasting elegance. For those who have access to an aged home with with wood flooring that’s being demolished, you might want to salvage the floors. It’s possible for you to pull hard-wood floors up and install them in a new place. Some hard-wood floors have encountered re-finishing and resanding so several occasions that there’s . So be sure to inspect the thickness of the boards as hard-wood flooring is removed by you.

Determine the course of the tongueandgroove hardwood installation as you eliminate hard-wood flooring, in order to reverse the procedure. Pull heat vents up to expose the cut edge of the flooring. Look along one wall, which will be typically the edge of the boards for encounter nail holes.

Pry baseboards using a prybar off. You might be in a position to salvage them as well should you be careful.

Pry up the boards using the tongue that is uncovered. Slide the prybar beneath the the board near a nail and raise the bar about 1/4 inch. Move the bar to another nail and raise. Repeat of the board along the whole size.

Go straight back across the board and pry it up still another 1/4 inch. Don’t attempt to pull up too much at one time or you also may split up the board into two parts or harm the tongue. Pull the board away from its place. Remove any nails that stay in in the board having a pair of locking pliers. Dispose of the nails therefore no-one can can step to them.

Continue to pry the boards in the area up. Take care as you eliminate the boards that you don’t ding the tongue and groove fasteners. Should you are doing so, it could possibly be difficult in the event you happen to be reinstalling it to re connect the wood.

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