The best way to Remove a Hot Water Tank

The best way to Remove a Hot Water Tank

In line with the 2010 California building code, homeowners and experts are needed to acquire a permit to “install, remove, or change” a hot water heater. Straps or strips of steel called plumber’s tape anchor water tanks. These anchors, typically secured to wall studs on the other side of the water tank, keep the tank protected in the event of an earthquake. The straps have to be disengaged prior to the tank could be removed as well as the fuel line and water line shut down. The work is quite simple and is achieved using the appropriate resources.

A building permit from your local building codes division. Prepare to spend a little fee subsequent to the tank was removed, and schedule an inspection from the codes officer. After you’ve installed the new one in case you are installing an upgraded tank, schedule the inspection.

Turn off the circuit-breaker in the event the water tank is electrical. Go to the main service panel and find the circuit for the water tank. To to show off the circuit-breaker, flip the little change to the “off” place on the panel. Go to the water tank and unscrew the little hatch that addresses the electrical wires, typically positioned on top of the tank of the tank. Carefully pry the wiring from the hatch. Remove the wire nuts but prevent touching the copper wiring that is bare. Test by putting one end of the volt-meter wand on the copper portion of for electric power of the electrical wire as well as another end of the volt-meter wand on the copper of the wire. An studying should not be produced by the volt meter. Turn off the circuit-breaker on the support panel, if it does. The main breaker is a huge toggle-switch, typically situated above all small circuits, and is labeled “Principal.” Press the main change into the “off” placement. Disengage the offer wires from your tank circuit wires if you are sure there isn’t any electricity operating to the tank. Tuck the wires of the tank back-down to the hatch while you function, in order that they are from the way.

Turn off the gasoline offer in the event the tank is gasoline-fueled. The gas provide shut down valve is generally situated several feet in the gas pipe leading from the water tank. Turn in order that it’s perpendicular to the gas provide pipe, the gasoline provide shut-off valve manage. Turn the gas get a handle on knob, positioned in the very front of the tank, to the placement that is off.

Turn the water-supply off to the water tank. Look for the cold-water shut-off valve over the water-supply pipe close to the water tank. Before the valve stops turning, turn the valve in a counter clockwise course.

Turn on family members taps to aid drain a number of the heated water from your tank. Connect one end-of the garden hose to the drain valve in the root of the water tank. Place the finish of the hose in outside or a sump properly. The water is likely to be scalding warm, s O where the tank water can drain without anybody or any thing, spot the hose. Turn the drain valve spigot allow the water to drain in the tank and open the way.

Disconnect stress valve pipe and the temperature in the side of the water tank. Use the wrench to loosen the nut on top of the pipe.

Disconnect the gasoline supplyline from your tank. Place one wrench a big nut that connects two parts of of pipe. Place the basin wrench at the most notable half of the union joint of the plumber. Turn the wrench in the wrench in a counter clockwise path and also a clock-wise path to loosen the union joint. Disengage the wrenches when free and unscrew the union joint yourself. Use the wrench to loosen and eliminate the tiny gasoline pipe part that’s attached to the tank.

Disconnect the two water-supply pipes situated on top of the tank. While the others might need a twist by having an adjustable wrench to loosen the nuts some pipes are unscrewed by-hand. You’ll need to slice the the pipes from your tank having a pipe tubing cutter in the event the water-supply lines are copper pipes soldered to the tank. Place the cutter blade and tighten the blade by turning the little screw on the manage of the cutter. Therefore the blade slices throughout the pipe, spin the cutter across the pipe several instances. Repeat for the offer pipe.

Lift the pipe on top of the waterheater to disconnect it from the flange that is little.

Remove the straps or steel plumber’s tape strips from your wall across the water-heater. Use the established and screwdriver to eliminate screws and the nuts.

Have your assistant stop it and grasp the tank. Tip the tank ahead slowly to eliminate the tank from its spot and lay the tank on its facet. Along with your assistant a T you a-T another and one end-of the tank, lift the tank from every side up and make it it from the room.

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