Living Room Accessories for a Refined Style

Living Room Accessories for a Refined Style

The living area is arguably among the most versatile rooms in the home. It functions as the location where the family comes together, where you entertain friends, read a book, see a film, chat and relax. In old British country houses, there was a sitting area, which acted as a more formal location in which to entertain guests. There was a area for the family to relax in.

Nowadays, we’d consider having two distinct rooms a luxury, so the living area is now the location for the two. As it is probably the most public room in the home, ensure that your living area reflects your character and is a place where you feel very comfy. Use it for displaying your favorite items and accessories that say something about you.

J. Stephens Interiors

Reflection. Most conventional living rooms have a fireplace as a focal point, which functions nicely with a mirror or painting hung over it. My taste is a mirror, as I love to observe candlesticks on the mantel, and a mirror reflects that lovely candlelight beautifully.

Pick up cheap secondhand candlesticks and use gold or silver spray paint for a great classic effect.

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Mirrors don’t have to be stored for mantel pieces. The one in this living area is indeed clever. The position makes it to reflect the light in the windows at right angles, which makes the room appear brighter and larger. The mirror’s design blends with the drapes, almost making it look like a different window.

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Photo gallery. Photographs say more about people than anything else. Try to stay with a theme when displaying yours — maybe travel, family, landscapes or items. It doesn’t really matter, provided that the images make you happy.

When you’ve got a more formal room, a symmetrical display of photographs framed and sized identically would do the job nicely. On the other hand, the Victorians loved to create tight displays of nonmatching frames, therefore don’t hesitate to get creative.

Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist

Framed art. Artwork is key to a conventional living room layout. Look for landscapes, animals and plant prints.

But we can’t all afford good watercolors and acrylic paintings. You’re able to pick up up lovely old frames for next to nothing at junk stores. Do not be worried if you don’t enjoy the picture or the framework is tatty. Simply order an unframed print that you enjoy online, spray paint the frame and create your own “Old Master” piece.

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Room for display. Shelving in a recess beside the flame provides you the opportunity to exhibit your favorite things. Vases are a great way to incorporate an accent color, but if you would like to use one for flowers too, take careful measurements so that you can fit the blossoms and vase on the shelf.

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A classic theme. Traditional living rooms are best for displaying a group of themed items. The colours in this area are very coastal, and this group of ornaments reinforces the design perfectly. When grouping themed items, stick with strange numbers (three functions really nicely) and different heights, shapes or textures to be sure that the look isn’t too uniform.

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Here is another area that has maintained with a lovely theme in aqua tones, picked up in the cushions, the vase as well as the images. Consider the room with no coral color on the dining table lamp — it would fall a bit flat.

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Soft lighting. Since the living area serves so many purposes, lighting becomes extra important. You need well-placed task lighting for reading, but you also need it to provide a soft ambience for relaxing. Table lamps are a conventional choice; check out the massive variety of classic replicas in the marketplace. I enjoy the black lamp shades used here the dab of black really grounds the plot.

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Touches of relaxation. Nowadays we all have central heating, and if you’re lucky you may have an open flame also. However, I love using throws from the living room. Not only can you use these to accessorize the design, but they can also add a cozy edge to a more formal scheme. For me personally, there’s not anything better than to snuggle under a great throw for a cozy night in. In case you’ve got pale upholstery and pets, throws additionally provide a practical way to secure your furniture.

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