Merge Your Tub Space Into a Shower — Choosing Accessories

Merge Your Tub Space Into a Shower — Choosing Accessories

I’m always eager to install the beautiful finishing touches on a shower. Extra care is necessary in these past steps — you don’t need to undo all the work that has gone into making your shower completely watertight. Based on the type of wall tile or rock used, exact drilling could be necessary to anchor wall supports for benches or shelves.

Before choosing out anything, think about how a attachment can make your shower safer or more enjoyable. You should consider storage for shower necessities in the beginning of the design procedure. A custom corner shampoo niche can add hundreds of dollars to some tile setup, whereas a readymade shelf can cost less than $20. Storage and accessories have an immediate effect on the entire price of a shower renovation.


Motiv Hotelier Deep Corner Basket Bathroom Shelf – $74

Before you start, make certain to know exactly what you would like your completed shower to look like and what items you’ll want to budget for. If the job goes smoothly, and it seems as if you are going to come in under budget, you may want to splurge a little more on accessories. So hold tight about purchasing anything until you understand all your costs and receive your quotes.

Corner shelves. Corner shelves such as these can be extremely simple and functional strategies to keep shampoo bottles and other necessities. I recommend using tile and glass drill bits or diamond coring bits to drill holes through the tile. I’m not fond of effect exercises with masonry drill bits for this type of setup — they’re too insecure and stressful on tile installations for my own liking.

I have found it is safer to replace lots of the fasteners on the authentic product with higher-quality models. Screws on some shower goods can break. Ask your builder to use stainless steel screws and wall anchors (which are better suited for tile installations) to install your shower shelves.


Stainless Steel Glass Shower Door/Wall service

Wall and doorway supports. Frameless glass installments often need to go from the ground to the ceiling to possess adequate support and strength. A bar such as this means that your shower glass doesn’t have to do this. Keep in mind that you need to maintain at least 80 inches of ceiling height to meet your National Kitchen and Bath Association’s bathroom planning requirements.

BY DESIGN Builders

Benches. Space can be tight at a tub-to-shower renovation. A tiny corner seat similar to this can be a perfect space saver.

Not every tile backsplash or bathroom renovator will be proficient enough to do so correctly and keep matters watertight. I’m a lover of By Design’s job — the wonderful shower shown here is by this team.

Tarkus Tile, Inc..

This low seat is a fantastic idea. It is perfect for shampoo bottles — saving you from picking them up off the ground — or as somewhere to break your foot when you are shaving.


Corner Shower Seat With Basket, Brown – $149

If a custom made tile seat would blow your finances, a readymade corner seat similar to this one is really a no-brainer. At a pinch, you can omit the seat and save to get a custom wood seat later.

ds design studio

Grab bars. You and your family should feel safe and stable while showering. A pair of grab bars such as this provides considerable shower security. People washing their hair in this shower could still keep a hands on a catch bar at all times.

Tarkus Tile, Inc..

Recessed niches. This corner shower niche is an excellent illustration of a custom tile update — so much so that it will become the characteristic of your shower. More care and work are necessary for a tiled feature similar to this, however, and the extra cost may not be worth it to you.

Ask for some price breakdowns so you understand the pricing of items such as benches, niches and custom tiling. I personally love recessed niches and include them on virtually every job.

How to Decide on a Shower Niche That’s Not Stuck in a Rut


Stainless Steel Shower Door Organizer – $34.99

There’s virtually an infinite choice of shower accessory styles, sizes and materials. No matter what decide you need, choose well-made products. Stainless steel or chrome-plated-brass accessories tend to function best in the long run.

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