Show Us the Home Quirks Love

Show Us the Home Quirks Love

Just like with any relationship, the one that you have with your house is complicated, and as more time goes on, the more convoluted it gets. You learn about your home’s quirks, the romance fades, then something magical happens and also the”defects” become a part of the reasons that you love it.

We would like to understand: What quirks on your house have grown on you? Can you use to hate something that you would not part with today? Inform us about your home quirk below. Your story might end up in a ideabook for Valentine’s Day.

The radiators in my apartment drive me crazy. They clank loudly at all hours of the night, warmth our bedroom until I must throw all of the covers off and blow out steam when you are least expecting it.

However, I sort of love them, too. They are such a concrete reminder of my flat’s history — I understand only a few other men and women in San Francisco who have steam heating, and it’s a badge I wear proudly.

Corynne Pless

Perhaps you have a nonworking fireplace that has turned into a place to display precious things.

Dona Rosene Interiors

I have a toilet floor almost exactly like this. When I first saw it, I could think about was what a pain it would be to wash. And I was right. However, the charm of this original 1920s tile has gradually grown on me. I’d never wish to get rid of it today.

Julie Smith

Mature kitchen cabinetry can be hard to use. It’s no special organizers, convenient knife drawers or pullout trash bins. But there’s something lovely about them too — a look you just can’t get with new cabinets.

You were able to repurpose an annoying feature into something good. This homeowner turned a set of conservative gas grills grilles into speaker units so that he can listen to music while he cooks.

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Inform usWhat was a source of dismay into your home? Have you ever fallen in love with it? Share a photo and tell us about it!

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