Walk Through a Granite Countertop Installation — Showroom to Complete

Walk Through a Granite Countertop Installation — Showroom to Complete

Installing granite on your bathroom or kitchen is among the greatest investments you can make for your home. However, it’s anything but easy. The process of selecting and installing granite can be very confusing and misleading. I’ve completed a great deal of granite installations and have learned how the process ought to work. Follow along here and get a few tips that will help you maximize your investment too.

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1. Go to the showroom. Start by heading to your granite fabricator’s showroom. Shown here is the showroom of my fabricator, Soma Stoneworks. At the showroom you will be able to find samples of available stones in addition to learn about pricing. Obviously, the purchase price will differ based on which stone you choose.

Typical price ranges per square foot:
high-end: $35 to $45
Mid: $55 to $60
Exotic: $65 and up

These quotes are for material and labour prices specifically in Georgia. Occasionally edges and radius changes add to the cost, while cutouts for sinks and cooktops will always increase the purchase price.

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Seamless Sink in granite kitchen setting big bowl – $476

2. Select your sink. The most frequent sink is a stainless steel undermount sink. I recommend purchasing a 16-gauge sink rather than the normal 18-gauge sink. The 16-gauge sink is a little thicker and will withstand dents. Undermount sinks come in many different sizes and shapes; think about your kitchen habits before choosing one.

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3. Pick the edge profile. The edge profile is the layout installed on the outside edge of the countertop. Different edges have different rates.

Locate the Ideal border for your countertop

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4. Decide on a backsplash. Decide if you would like to get a granite countertop. The most usual height is a 4-inch backsplash. Most kitchens today have a tile backsplash that starts at the countertop and proceeds to the upper cabinets.

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5. Consider your faucet layout. The granite fabricator will have to learn how many holes to drill into the granite, and might have to observe a specification sheet on the tap you decide on. This photo shows an air button disposal button. Pushing this button triggers the disposal, eliminating the need for a typical switch. There is a soap dispenser. I love to put the faucet at the middle of the sink and the other things at the corners, exactly like in this picture. In this way when you turn on the faucet, it will not feel cramped.

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6. Visit a stone supplier. Visit a stone supplier to choose your slab. Your granite fabricator will locate full slabs of your selection, and you are able to pick out which stone will go into your house. Frequently these suppliers aren’t directly affiliated with the fabricators and they will not tell you the cost of the stones you are viewing. This is why it is important to visit your fabricator’s showroom first or deliver a price list from the fabricator with you.

You will find larger granite businesses that have substantial supplies of slabs in their own showrooms, eliminating the necessity to see a stone supplier. As for me, I prefer working with smaller businesses and am willing to put up with this extra measure.

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Tip: Search the boneyard. All granite stores have leftover bits of granite, and the boneyard is your final resting place for all these undesirable pieces. Most stores are willing to sell these to get a steep discount. If you are hunting for a small piece of granite, then start from the boneyard.

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7. Template time. The fabricators will see your house and create a wooden copy of your new countertop. This fabricator Andres Lenis reveals how a template is constructed. It is important that you are there while the fabricators create the template. The fabricators will discuss where they will be placing stitches, where the tap will be found, how much of the overhang you would like and which kind of radius you want on the corners. There are always questions that come up that no one has thought to ask yet.

After the template is complete, the fabricators will take it back to the fabrication shop.

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8. Template layout. Take another trip to the fabrication shop after the template was created. You are able to inform the fabricators that parts of the stone that you want to use. In this picture, Soma Stoneworks director Ron Miller and Lenis show which part of the stone they intend to use. This requires additional work on your character, however it is definitely worth it. Do not take the easy way out and attempt to do it via email and images. You will not be able to get a true view of the stone. You can also talk about the best ways to join the seams.

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Tip: Request to see your fabricator’s seams. These are the lines in which two pieces of gems are combined. The easiest way to distinguish the best from the rest is the quality of the seam. This arrow shows the point where two pieces of gems are joined.

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9. Installation day. The fabricator will bring the slabs for your house and place them in position. Miller and Lenis are installing a small piece here. Bigger slabs will take a direct line into the home, minimizing the space the installers will have to take it.

A standard kitchen is going to take a few hours to install. You will normally have to wait about 24 hours before it’s possible to install the faucet and connect the sink drains.

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10. Enjoy your new countertops. Sit back and revel in the fruits of your labor for several years to come.

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