Sensational Chandeliers Cast Rooms in Dramatic Light

Sensational Chandeliers Cast Rooms in Dramatic Light

It’s been said many times, however, light does make a space. Nevertheless, it is not just that luminous, bright things that comes from these (fine for reading and seeing your food); it is the fittings themselves.

Statement lighting fixtures may shake up entire rooms. They can be focal points, as important as art or furniture or paint colours (sometimes more significant), and they’re able to dictate the entire character of a space.

Frequently, since they are the last thing to go in, they are an afterthought. But in such 19 rooms, they are front and center. I can not speculate about each designer’s procedure, but I would wager that in some situations the light came, and the remainder of the area followed. The results are beautiful rooms with touches of the unexpected.

Meg Adams Interior Design

There aren’t enough adjectives in the English vocabulary to express how much I love this turquoise chandelier within this neutral area. Spectaculo! Stupendo! Extraordinaire! Anybody know how to say “to die for” in Swahili?

Restyled Home

This giant white world, otherwise known as the Ikea Maskros light, adds drama and a little warmth into a Scandavian-spare dining area.

Axis Mundi

Three chandeliers make sense during a long dining table. They also add elegance and femininity into an otherwise spare and dinning room.

Don Harris, Architect

A signature piece, like this Nelson Pendant Lamp, automatically becomes a focus in any area.

Mark English Architects, AIA

Even though the pragmatists visit a housecleaning nightmare (yes, it is going to take some effort), the dreamers float within an airscape of bubbles. This fixture is a favorite on , and it is no wonder.

Elad Gonen

Chandeliers do not have to be glittery, sparkly or vibrant to draw the attention. These Jestons-esque beauties harmonize the brownish tones in this dining area and hang like sculptures over the dining table.

Avalon Interiors

This big, modern and vibrant chandler only had to be the jumping-off point for this entire space. How else could you make this mix of styles work and colours, hues?

Inspired Interiors

Two large rectangular chandeliers replace the three drop-pendant lights which would normally hang over a kitchen island similar to this one. Nice shift, right?

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Traditional milk-white crystal chandeliers are equally elegant and vibrant in this vibrant, eclectic kitchen.

John Kraemer & Sons

Ditto with this black beauty.

CWB Architects

Staggered bubble lights hung at different lengths help divide all the hard angles and add a bit of pleasure to this buttoned-up space.


This bunch chandelier in a contrasting colour is the art in this area.

Elad Gonen

No art on the walls, only one giant, hot pink, fringed chandelier. How could anything else possibly complete?

Abigail Ahern

Neo Baroque Chandelier

Deep breath. This cable chandelier by Abigail Ahern might only be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. It is so much more than a light fixture; it is a sculpture. And that charcoal wall is the perfect companion.

This scene stealer is the giant drama queen in the center of this space. All the attention is demanded by her. And she makes it.

John G Wilbanks Photography, Inc..

If you have the ceilings and the bank accounts for a Chihuly, why would not you have one hanging in the center of your living space?

David Howell Design

I love chandeliers in baths. They soften every thing and add some romance. This one, created of poems, does those two things wonderfully.


A chandelier over an outdoor dining table makes it a fancy-pants outdoor dining area.

KuDa Photography

This ordinary outdoor dining table and chair setup seems chic and intentional — all on account of the headboard. Regrettably, Ikea’s Glansa Lysa chandelier is no longer available.

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