Show Us Your Own Pet Projects!

Show Us Your Own Pet Projects!

We’ve been noticing some interesting outdoor features built just for pets about lately, which makes us want to understand what sorts of pet projects you have been working on. A brand new bath for Fido? A new catmint plant for Fluffy? A brand new chicken coop? Please snap a photo and share your work together in the Comments section at the bottom of the webpage. If the picture shows your furry friend enjoying the fruits of your own labor, most of the better!

consumer daveyola prompted this Call with a questionnaire at the Discussions section, inquiring if we thought that the Dog Peek has been “amazing or absurd.” I hunted awesome; see more photographs and cast your own vote.

These smart bubble windows make it possible for dogs to have a glimpse next doorway without digging out a hole. Just ensure that your neighbors are cool with a brand new fence window protruding into their yard before cutting a hole.

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California Waterscapes

My pets have always appeared to enjoy drinking water from everywhere but their own bowls. This bubbling fountain recirculates under the floor and gives a refreshing oasis for a pup during the day.

Heather Garrett Design

A puppy’s home is his castle, but doghouses can be a bit of an eyesore. Not the case with Theo’s; he is way into sustainable design. This green-minded dog insisted that designer Chad Smith create an eco friendly shelter. A recycled drainpipe and tiled roof ensure Theo is treading lightly on the ground.

See the home that goes with this doghouse

Phil Kean Designs

Where do you clean your pups? This outdoor shower may work for people and dogs because of the handheld nozzle.

Please share your pet jobs together in the Comments section below. Your photo could be utilised in a future featured ideabook!

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