Sunlight and Family Friendliness to Get a California Cottage

Sunlight and Family Friendliness to Get a California Cottage

Just because you’ve got your dream house in mind — or perhaps in reach — does not mean that you’re ready to make it occur. Every time a British household bought a house in Venice, California, they wanted to flip another house at the rear of the lot in their dream home. But while readying funds and resources, they hired designer Tess Bethune to help them turn a cottage in the front of the lot into a cozy temporary home. Knocking down stifling walls, functioning together with hot but budget-friendly materials and incorporating in a couple of extra windows helped Bethune open this 50-year-old house to the California sunshine.

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Who lives here: A family of 4 from the U.K.
Location: Venice, California
Size: 1,200 square feet; 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
Budget: About $60,000

Tess Bethune Interiors

The family intends to make this a guesthouse for relatives from the U.K., but it’ll be their home until the principal house is complete.

Originally, the kitchen felt shut off from the remainder of the house. Tearing out the 3 walls that divided the space opened the chambers to sunlight.

Subway Floors: Snow White, United States Ceramic Tile; countertop: solid hardwood, Ikea; cabinetry: Ikea

Tess Bethune Interiors

Because this house was going to become home to two little children, Bethune stuck with low-key, cheap materials that could look good to adults and stand up to the youngsters. The clients did not need anything to sense fussy or too traditional, so Bethune picked a material palette that could grow with their family.

Wall paint: New Aqua, Mythic Paint; couch: Room & Board; coffee table: clients’; pillows: Ikea

Tess Bethune Interiors

Changing the inside wall arrangement helped reorganize the house and add visual space whilst keeping the first footprint the same. Originally there were also a lot more doors, the majority of that Bethune removed. “They did not wish to be constantly opening and closed doors,” she says. “That’s hard in a little space. It seems like work.”

Range, hood: Cavaliere; fridge: Frigidaire

Tess Bethune Interiors

An Ikea butcher block countertop warms up simple white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances in kitchen. Vintage tea and coffee containers add a personal, cheerful touch.

Hardware: Amerock Flat Black; sink: Belle Floret

Tess Bethune Interiors

The far end of the kitchen expands into a dining nook, which Bethune designed in lieu of island or countertop seating. The family prefers to eat in a table, rather than sit in a counter. The corner additionally opens the cooking counter to the living space, linking each of the main living spaces and permitting the fireplace to be more visible from each room.

Floor tile: 12-inch Montauk blue slate

Even though Bethune maintained most of the house’s first windows and molding, she included an extra window to the dining nook, filling the area with sun.

Wall paint: Fresh Aqua, Mythic Paint; dining table, chairs: clients’; pendant: RLM, American Made Lighting

Original wood flooring runs through the remainder of the house. The lighting fixtures were replaced with timeless, classic bits.

Since she was working with such a little area, Bethune designed each region of the living room for a zone: a TV-watching zone, a reading zone, a play zone and seating areas for kids and grownups. “That way people don’t feel as though they’re at the top of one another,” she says.

The master bedroom is sweet and simple. Floor-to-ceiling Ikea closets offer plenty of storage. A massive mirror and white drapes help reflect light around the space.

Bedding: Yakima Camp Blanket, Pendleton

Modern sconces offset unique vintage nightstands on either side of the mattress. Bethune custom designed several pillows to provide the conventional Pendleton blanket a new appearance.

Sconces: Original BTC Hector Sconce, Shop Horne

Tess Bethune Interiors

Forgiving, durable materials and vintage furniture give the house a hot, lived-in feel that never seems too delicate for small children. “It was an issue not to be precious about things,” says Bethune.

The couple’s older child collapses with this daybed, which may be utilised at the main house later on. If the youngest — that was born right after the remodel — is a little older, both children will share this room.

Bed frame: Casey,

The little ledge above the mattress is the best spot to get a toy group.

An open closet from the children’s space permits for additional flexibility. This dresser was chosen because it may also be a table.

Tess Bethune Interiors

The cottage has one bath, only behind the kitchen’s chalkboard wall. Simple white subway tile and dark green hexagonal floor tile make for a classic but refreshing appearance.

Wall tile: Ice White, United States Ceramic Tile; flooring tile: Hunter Green Hex, American Universal Tile; sink: Duravit Vero

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